Twisted Boards donates to the Kids In Need Foundation again in a BIG way! November 26 2019

Several years ago, I met the Kids In Need Foundation at a product trade show. They made a lasting impression on Twisted Boards because they provide free classroom supplies for teachers and students; a charitable cause that we completely support! We made a small donation of Twisted Boards (about 50 if I recall) and enjoyed the thought that our boards were being enjoyed in classrooms for free. Fast forward to the present. As the owner and inventor of Twisted Boards, I recently switched professions and became a high school educator. In this new role, I quickly realized the value of classroom supplies and the challenges passionate teachers face with little to no budgets.  I found that I was spending hundreds of dollars of my own money to enrich the education of my students and I was not alone. I remember the day a fellow teacher told me that Michael's Stores provided a discount for teachers as being one of the greatest days of my life! Experiencing the struggles of teachers first hand led me to want to do more and help more where I could. Remembering my experience with the Kids In Need Foundation, I decided to make a significantly larger contribution. Twisted Boards is happy to announce that we have made a donation of 1,800 Twisted Boards to the Kids In Need Foundation, a $36,000 donation! We are so excited to be helping teachers and students across the country and cannot begin to express the gratitude we have for wonderful organizations like the Kids In Need Foundation. Happy Holidays everyone!