Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center August 19 2015

We receive lots of email everyday but we received one from our friend Monica Knarr, President of the Calloway House, that was much different from the rest. Monica enlightened us about this very special place in their hometown called the Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center. They are a non-profit center which offers outpatient therapy services to all children with disabilities, developmental delays and acquired injuries; regardless of the family's ability to pay. She told me how she visited the center and was so moved by the love and caring they provide for these children with special needs. "The work they do is amazing, and the staff is so dedicated. These people make it their life; everywhere I turned they were showing me products and telling me how they bought it at a garage sale, or made things themselves to fill needs," Monica told us. Monica said that she was reaching out for donations to help the Schreiber Center after their recent loss of funding and thought that Twisted Boards would be an excellent donation to help the children with special needs. We obviously agreed! We happily shipped a bunch of boards along with a ton of colored markers donated by our friends at Staedtler for Monica to bring to the center with her other donations. If you would like to make a donation to the center as well you can do so on the Schrieber Pediatric donation page.