Exploring Famous Artists with Masks! February 19 2019

We recently sent some Twisted Boards to Ms. Kerstetter's art class at East Juanita High School in Pennsylvania. Here she shares the lesson she created for the students with the boards!

"The students in my sculpture class were asked to select an artist from a can that already had preprinted artist names inside.  They then were to create a sketch of how they felt that artist would create a mask based upon artwork that artist has created.  From there, they were able to use the Twisted 3D Dry Erase Boards with a multitude of dry erase colored markers to create a 3D version of their mask design.  Lastly, the students used plaster casting strips and mask forms to create an actual mask based on the artist they selected from the can.

They had a lot of fun working with the new dry erase boards!  
Thank You!!!"
No, THANK YOU! Great work everyone!