On this page we pay homage to some of the true pioneers of Twisted Boards. Below is a sampling of what can be done with a Twisted Board besides your basic doodling! Behold! Twisted Boards is proud to show you the cool submissions of artists, laugh-seekers, and innovators!

"The Scream"

Submitter: Ricardo C.

Originally painted by Edvard Munch in 1893, "The Scream" was recreated by Ricardo on the BACK SIDE of the Twisted Board! The first time we have seen the reverse side of the board used as a drawing surface! The back side of the board is just as dry erase-able as the front side however using it as a drawing surface is inherently difficult. Ricardo stated that while it was difficult to draw on the inside of the face shape, it was just as easy as the front side to wipe away mistakes as he was drawing. We were lucky enough to see this drawing in person in Las Vegas, Nevada and it was definitely cool! As the board was turned, it appeared that they drawing was always watching you! Thanks Ricardo!


Submitter: Shannon K.

A tribute to the material girl herself, Madonna! Besides being artistically awesome, we are featuring this one because Shannon used a "yellow paint marker" to do the hair because yellow dry erase markers aren't as bright. Shannon stated that the paint marker wiped right off and we saw it with our own eyes! Very cool and very bright! Cheers Madonna and thank you Shannon!

 "The Wobble"

Submitter: Eric C

Ramen noodles for brains, pill bottle caps for eyes, and a beer cap for a mouth! Eric used a Twisted Board as a Jello mold with awesome success! He said that it works really well and that you could easily substitute other colors and objects inside the face shape. While Twisted Boards are safe for food use, they are not tested for heat so don't try cooking a cake in one or you will most definitely have quite a mess! But, by all means, giggle on! Very funny Eric!

"Scratch 'n Sniff"

Submitter: Shannon K.

In this incredible drawing, Shannon has shown us that the marker tip size is no limit to what can be drawn. In this drawing, Shannon colored almost the entire face in with black dry erase marker then used a folded piece of paper to "scratch" away the ink to create her masterpiece! We also were fortunately enough to see this drawing in person and it's realism was incredible. Nice work Shannon!

"Hey good lookin!"

Submitter: Jonathan B.

Animation! Jonathan used a Twisted Board to create several cool animations. He said it was easy to use as an animation surface because of how easy it is to erase and re-draw shots. We LOVE it! Nice job Jonathan!

"Day of the Dead"

Submitter: Shannon K.

In this amazing work of art, Shannon used acrylic paint! Shannon made the eyes look almost real! She said that, while difficult, the paint was removable with cleaner. While we haven't verified acrylic paints, we have found that regular cleaner such as Windex will remove any stubborn materials left on the board including adhesives left by stickers or stick on mustaches. Shannon added flowers to her board as well to make this work of art really POP. It is really incredible and the eyes are so realistic! Amazing Shannon!

"The Stewie"

Submitter: Shannon K.

STEWIE! Taken from the cartoon show Family Guy, Shannon showed us the versatility of our boards yet again by drawing him sideways on the board! It came out great and provided a lot of laughs when she drew this live at a show in Atlanta, Georgia. Way to keep making us proud Shannon!

"Easter Island"

Submitter: Dave C.

The Jello mold gave us an idea, why not make a creepy snowman? So that's what we did! Turns out the boards work great for snow molds. Although a little creepy, the snow pops out easily leaving a face shaped snowball! Next snow storm we plan on creating a snow face army! Muhahaha!

"Chalk it up to fun"

Submitter: Nate T.

While trying some new products at the latest trade show, Nate found that Chalk Markers, which are typically used to write on black finish dry erase boards in cafes and restaurants, work great on Twisted Boards! The chalk markers produce a matte finish rather than the glossy finish that normal dry erase markers leave. This gives artists another way to produce amazing drawings. The nice thing about chalk markers is that you can touch the boards without smudging the drawing. The chalk easily erases with a little bit of pressure. Awesome!

(Nate used  Bistro Chalk Markers for this)

"The Night Light"

Submitter: Dave C.

This is very cool. LED light technology has gotten incredibly small and useful. Here, some leftover LED strip lighting tape was fixed to a piece of flat white board. A frame was created that the Twisted Board can slide into allowing it to be removed and replaced rather than built in and fixed. The thickness of the frame is only 3/4 of an inch and has mounting hardware on it for hanging on the wall. It plugs into the wall and due to the wavelength of the light, creates a cool bluish-purple glow. You can still draw on the board too!

"Terrifying Candle"

Submitter: Dave C.

Ok, this one has us officially creeped out! The Twisted Board was used as a mold for candle wax. Two small holes were drilled into the eyes and candle wicks were inserted. Was was then poured into the back and allowed to cool. The result was a face candle! The face candle popped right out of the Twisted Board the first try. The candle was tried a second time with the thin protective film removed and there was trouble removing the candle so if you're going to try this keep the film in or cover the board with some type of lubricant. The candle probably would have burned much longer if it were laying down but standing up, it looked like it was crying wax and left a very scary wax face when it was done.

"Almost Glow in the Dark"

Submitter: Dave C.

We found out that you can spray any color of glossy enamel spray paint on the boards and still use the Bistro Chalk Markers to draw on the board and wipe right off! It is a little more difficult to wipe clean than dry erase on the enamel but still works and makes it look really cool. We have to get our hands on a black light and see what happens when you turn that on the chalk marker!


Submitter: Elena E.

Elena founded and runs the Charity Art Wings Center in San Marcos, California. We sent her a bunch of boards to use at the center and she ran with it! Elena has used them for several classes for the disabled community and everyone had a blast! We really love this place! For more information on how you can help the Art Wings Center, check out our Twisted News section! Cheers!

"Forensically Re-Built!"

Submitter: Lee L.

We weren't sure how this one was made when it was first sent to us! Lee from Texas gave a Twisted Board to a friend of his who used paper mache to create this cool work of art. The paper mache was layered over a Twisted Board and then removed from it to add the detail you see here. This is really cool. We didn't get a chance to talk to the artist but it appears that clay was used in parts to build texture...and a neck! Very cool!

"The Hulk!"

Submitter: HobbyKidsTV

This is so incredibly cool. The awesome folks at HobbyKidsTV used Playdoh to sculpt the incredible Hulk over the Twisted Board. It's such a neat idea that we haven't seen before. During the making of the Hulk, they even hit little treats inside. You can click on the picture to see the full YouTube video, just so fascinating to watch! Cheers!

"Worlds Colliding!"

Submitter: Continental Art Supplies

The folks over at Continental Art Supplies held a little competition between their staff using Twisted boards and this was one of the works created. It is absolutely mind blowing to look at and we can't stop starring! Such an amazing blend of materials and techniques. AMAZING!

"The Whispy Ninja"

Submitter: Continental Art Supplies

Another one of the staff submissions from the folks at Continental Art Supplies. A perfect example of using either air brushing or spray painting with Twisted Boards. Such a cool work of art!

"I Still See you"

Submitter: Continental Art Supplies

This piece is an excellent blend of different painting techniques. We love the way the paint reflects the light just the right amount.


What will YOU make with a Twisted Board?!