Students in Kansas Use Twisted Boards to Learn about Genetics! April 21 2019

Ms. Reith is a FCS teacher in small community in Kansas. She teaches both jr. high and high school and is clearly very creative and passionate about teaching and her students! Ms. Reith has used Twisted Boards for two different lessons which she has graciously shared here for others to modify and use. The first lesson is about character development and identity and the second lesson is for her class on human development. Ms. Reith told us, "we do a genetics project where we learn about how you obtain different physical traits (dominant vs. recessive genes) from your parents. At the end of this project, students create a face based on the genes they “inherited” in the project. Using a 3d model, instead of plain paper, would be so much fun for the students! There are so many different ways these masks could be used in a variety of my classes. My favorite part is that they are reusable!" She goes on to say that the students used coins to pick traits and then had to use the boards to show how their genetics projects looked. Thank you for the pictures! Looks fun!

Identity LP Lesson (Doc File)

Create a Baby Lab (PDF File)