About Us

Get ready world, we're just getting warmed up!

My name is Dave and I'm a high school teacher in Connecticut. Like many people, I frequently look for fun and artistic things to take my mind off of work. One night, I molded my face out of plaster with a friend for fun wall art. Holding the mold of my face on the wall next to my dry erase board sparked me to say, "This would make a cool dry erase board," and with that, Twisted Boards, LLC was born. I made the first board in my basement but quickly realized that the three dimensional dry erase board was popular with everyone I showed them to! We moved to the "big leagues" by bringing the operation of assembling accessory packs to my parents kitchen however we quickly outgrew even that. We have now grown to providing work for many people throughout the United States in three separate factories and warehouses!

I've always used humor, creativity, and strong values to be successful in all my endeavors and that is the same skill set that has driven Twisted Boards. We've created something that provides people with laughs, a chance to be creative, and we did it all while staying true to our values by producing our high quality boards proudly in the USA.

We're making sure that no one is disappointed! We scouted out the highest quality materials for every part of our boards!

  • High density, rigid plastic that is twice as thick as was needed!
  • High quality black dry erase marker (We tried a LOT of markers!)
  • Adhesive backed marker clip so you can put the marker anywhere
  • 100% Cotton flannel eraser wipe that's also washable
  • Adhesive-backed Velcro mounting tape

With our multiple-patent pending, three-dimensional, dry erasable board concept finally in production, we have numerous boards of all shapes and sizes in development and can't wait to see what the future brings. Stick with us, we're just getting warmed up! In the meantime, what will YOU draw?!

Return Policy

If for any reason your board is damaged or you're just not happy, mail it back within 15 days and we'll send you a new one or refund your money! You can also email us with issues here or call Dave at 860-348-3175.


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