Twisted Teachers

Introducing a whole new angle on helping kids express themselves! I created these three dimensional dry erase boards as a fun toy for college dorm room doors but the response from elementary educators, home schoolers, and community art programs has been overwhelming! Who knew?! What will your kids do with Twisted Boards?! I love getting pictures!


The boards are perfect for students of all ability levels and provides an additional tool in your teachers tool box for creative expression in your students. Twisted Boards have a ton of unique qualities that are a perfect fit for the classroom or community art center:

  • Reusable
  • Already has all the major features of the face
  • Perfectly sized
  • Not only dry erase, but chalk markers, acrylic paint, and paper mache all are removable with hot water

Teachers are using the boards to teach all kinds of projects including

  • Emotions
  • Historical characters
  • Facial anatomy
  • Much more

I invite you to use the promo code "TeachersCare" for a 10% discount and free shipping on all orders. If you would like Twisted Boards for your whole classroom, volume discounts of 30-50% start at just 12 units! Give them a try today! You'll love them!

Use Promo Code "TeachersCare" for 10% off and free shipping!


Order yours today!