HobbyKidsTV reviews and LOVES Twisted Boards! July 15 2015

Today was amazing! We received a bunch of really awesome pictures from people, are putting the finishing touches on a huge contest, and greatest of all... we were reviewed by HobbyKidsTV! For those who don't know, HobbyKidsTV is the premiere channel on YouTube for all things cool as a kid! They have over 850,000 subscribers to their channel and not only do they have a ton of fun, but they review all the cool new toys out there. Well today, Twisted Boards came up for review and they loved them! This is absolutely so cool to watch. For any skeptics out there, we didn't pay a dime for this! We can't thank the GREAT folks at HobbyKidsTV enough for the kind words and for the laughs that they gave us. Cheers! Keep doodling!