Twisted Boards Wins Best Exhibitor at NAMTA! May 06 2015

     Twisted Boards recently attended the National Art Materials Trade Association show in Denver Colorado and hit a home run! With the help of our event artist Nate, show attendees were able to sit for their own three dimensional caricature and play with Twisted Boards themselves. We were able to collaborate with several other art suppliers and test a number of existing and new art products on our boards. The three day event was filled with laughs and fun as our booth would stop people mid-stride with a puzzled look on their face as they discovered a whole new angle on dry erase boards (pun intended!). Several notable TV and Sports personalities were drawn during the event as demonstrations and a few lucky people were able to take home boards for themselves. One of our favorite parts of going to trade shows is when other exhibitors leave their own booths to stop by ours to see if they can buy a few for their kids or co-workers; Makes us laugh every time.. and of course we are happy to help them out! The NAMTA show was our first show in the art materials industry and the response was incredible. We were honored by being awarded the Best New Exhibitor award by the NAMTA Board out of all the new faces and being recognized as "A really cool and fun new product" by several presenters during seminars throughout the show. Thanks everyone! What will YOU draw?!