Twisted Retailers

Interested in partnering with Twisted Boards? You've come to the right place!

We are amazed at the speed we are growing! We're in stores all over the US and starting in Canada! Our reorder rate is tremendous. We have also found that locations that have one of our boards out for customers to doodle on in the store reorder twice as frequently and report higher sales of related items!

We have every market covered! The ultimate bridge product to tease new markets in your store! It's amazing that we are successful in every market we try. We are currently selling in all of the following markets/stores:

  • Gift stores
  • Art stores
  • Art supply stores
  • College book stores
  • Children's Museums
  • Wax Museums
  • Art Museums
  • Framing stores
  • Kids stores
  • Teacher supply stores
  • Elementary school classrooms
  • Community art events and fundraisers

Let's get some of your questions answered.

The basics:

  • Made in the USA! Manufactured and distributed out of Michigan with our home offices in Connecticut
  • Certified non-toxic, CA Prop 65 safe, TPCH compliant, CPSIA Phthalate free, fully insured
  • Safe for ages 3 and up
  • Multiple patents pending
  • Our cases come with 25 units to maximize your CPU after shipping but our minimum order is 12 units (1/2 case)
    • Case weight is approximately 20 lbs
  • We currently do not have distributor pricing built into our price structure but can offer the boards at wholesale pricing
  • MSRP is $24.99 and that is also our MAP price
  • Each board and accessory packet comes packaged in a clear poly bag with a brightly colored header card
  • We only include a black dry erase marker, feel free to sell colored markers with the boards
  • We can make any shape with the right order minimum and volume and have about 40 shapes ready to roll out once we build the capital


Contact us at for our product sell sheet and wholesale pricing with drop-ship integration capabilities.

If you have any questions, email is best, but you can always call Dave directly at 860-348-3175 or fax at 860-259-5419.